What benefits does video surveillance on buses provide?

What benefits does video surveillance on buses provide?
Needless to say, residents in cities across the globe increasingly commute by bus, which however is still subject to damage and criminal activities by threat actors. Keeping buses safe and secure therefore is a priority for operators, who can now rely on video surveillance in this regard.
It goes without saying that urbanization is in full swing in many parts of the world, as rural people move to urban areas to make a living.
However, urbanization inevitably leads to various negative consequences, among them traffic congestion and lack of parking. Transportation issues, then, prompt city officials to encourage citizens to utilize public transportation, of which buses are an important part.
In fact, city governments are putting efforts into making buses more accessible and easier to take. In certain “smart cities” in the world, for example, AI is being used to optimize routes, while bicycle-sharing programs are set up to complete the “last mile” between neighborhoods and bus stations.
Unfortunately, buses are still subject to disputes, violence, damage and threats from different actors. Protecting drivers and passengers on buses, then, becomes a top priority for operators. Video surveillance, consisted of cameras, recorders, other equipment and the software that manages them, can play an important role in this regard.
What are the benefits of video surveillance on buses? A blogpost by Annke provide some insights, which are summarized as follows.

Theft prevention

According to the post, criminals who are aware of the presence of cameras will think twice before perpetrating an act, while those who are unaware and continue with their plan to steal money or valuables from their fellow passengers will likely be identified and eventually apprehended by the authorities.

Driver/passenger protection

In many ways, the driver is the most important person on the bus, and he/she must be properly protected from aggressors. “As the cameras record all the activities inside the bus, any inappropriate behavior by passengers will be recorded, as well, and can be reviewed during an investigation of the incident,” the post said.
Meanwhile, acts of violence can be prevented. “By effectively monitoring the passengers, the bus driver or the operator can alert the authorities in case a passenger becomes unruly and could inflict harm to his/her fellow passengers,” it said.

Enforcement of passenger rules and regulations

According to the post, with security cameras in place, it will be easier to uphold and implement bus rules and regulations. “It is already proven that the mere presence of cameras in a bus makes the passengers more likely to follow rules and regulations, pay the correct bus fare, and obey the instructions of their driver,” it said.

Evidence in crime investigation

In the event of a crime or accident, video footage recorded in the storage system can be quite valuable. “The footage will serve as concrete and honest evidence of the incidents that took place inside the bus during criminal investigations,” the post said.

Remote monitoring

According to the post, by having security cameras or a surveillance system in place, the bus operator can effectively monitor the activities of the driver as well as the passengers from a company headquarters.
The post also provides tips on how to install cameras on buses to achieve maximal results. These include installing a camera at the bus front so as to capture a clear image of every passenger who enters the bus; setting up the camera in such a way that it can effectively monitor the interaction between the driver and the passengers; installing cameras in key areas so that they can cover the entire passenger section of the bus; and installing cameras in all exit doors of the bus to effectively monitor disembarking passengers.

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