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Difference between IT and OT cyber security

Needless to say, industry 4.0 has become a widespread and popular concept among manufacturers, who increasingly rely on connected devices and the data they generate to achieve further automation and efficiency. However, this has also introduced new risks, particularly cyber threats in operational technology (OT) and security breaches against OT devices and equipment that are not properly protected. Following best cybersecurity practices and OT cybersecurity compliance, IEC 62443 cyber security standards; therefore, has become a top priority, especially when it comes to IT and OT convergence.

There are some vast differences between IT and OT cyber security. Traditionally, operational technology (OT) has different focuses than IT. While the latter places a strong emphasis on security, the former prioritizes production optimization and downtime reduction. Operational technology security or particularly, cyber security for industrial OT, is something that's often neglected. ... more details

What is OT security?

In order to realize the benefit of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial networks are increasingly being connected to IT networks and the internet. As a result of this changing landscape, industrial cybersecurity has become a major concern for business owners who realize protecting against cyberattack threats has become... more
More and more, machines on the factory floor are connected to the Internet amid the IIoT trend. While this has brought various benefits for manufacturers, it has also introduced security risks. Making sure that their connected devices are secure against cyber threats, then, becomes critical for OT... more
Increasingly, oil and gas operators are turning to IIoT for further automation and efficiency, leveraging connected devices that generate and transmit data over wired or wireless networks. A report by Research and Markets points out the installed base of wireless IoT devices in the oil and gas industry is forecasted to grow... more

Cyber security for OT

IEC-62443 Network and Device Security

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Industrial Automation System Secure Network Considerations

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IIoT Machines Implementation Considerations for Remote Access

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OT cybersecurity compliance

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